The workshops

The exclusive Yamaha Racing Experience is an event like no other, combining the theory and practice of track riding in the hands of the world’s most successful racing family.

To ensure your head is tuned in and focused to understand the cutting edge technology of your YZF-R1M and your mental edge before you turn a wheel, Yamaha Racing takes you back to the classroom for special workshops with the most experienced and successful tutors in the racing world.

Hosted by professionals from the highest levels of Yamaha’s racing teams and experienced Yamaha Group members like Yamaha Motor Europe’s Road Racing Manager Andrea Dosoli, the workshops of the first ever held YRE focused on the YZF-R1M’s cutting edge technology. They explained the true potential of the Yamaha Communication Control Unit (CCU) and the Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) but also informed about the magic of Rider Interaction and Bike Settings.

In 2018 the following unique workshops were presented to the YRE participants:

The Communication Control Unit (CCU) Workshop

The CCU workshop was hosted by hugely experienced people such as Valentino Rossi’s Data Technicians Matteo Flamigni and Davide Marelli. Davide and Matteo’s understanding of data and settings to enhance the set up of the motorbike have taken MotoGP superstars Valentino to countless Grand Prix victories and multiple championship titles.

The Bike Settings Workshop

Just like its big brother in MotoGP, the YZF-R1M offers an incredible set of setting options to maximise its potential on track. From lean angle sensors to variable traction control and wheelie settings, the 2018 YRE workshop ensured YZF-R1M riders were able to find their limits, then move them.

The Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) Workshop

Hosted by experts of Öhlins and Yamaha Motor Europe, the ERS workshop focused on the key principles of suspension behaviour to determine what setting will match which potential, enabling you to dial in your YZF-R1M for any track you choose to ride.